Sunday, May 23, 2010

Las Chicas

I woke up this morning craving warm, toasted bagels so we decided to get up and take the 5 minute walk to our local breakfast joint - Las Chicas.

Once inside, I am instantly warmed by the smell of fresh coffee and grilled bacon. The noise level is high today and the friendly buzz of music and chatter is contagious.

English Breakfast Tea - My Sunday morning staple

Salmon Benedict - Two poached eggs with smoked salmon & hollandaise on a poppy seed bagel

I can't seem to break a habit of ordering anything with salmon for breakfast. I think it could be because I grew up with having bacon/ham all the time.

Traditional - Ham, cheese & tomato on a toasted sesame bagel

I left Las Chicas very satisfied, although I thought the portion of salmon was much smaller than what I was used to.

Las Chicas have an extensive breakfast menu with highlights that include the popular Breakfast Burrito and Bikini Blowout Benedict made with free range eggs.

You will find them at 203 Carlisle Street, Balaclava. There almost always is a line on weekends, but the wait is generally short and service is quick once you are seated. Open daily from breakfast through to lunch.

Cheers x

P.S. The hole in the middle of every bagel is a design that is a hundred of years old and has many practical advantages: more even cooking/baking, and if you thread a string through the hole, the bagels can be transported easily or strung together for more of an appealing window display.

"The bagel, an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis."  ~Beatrice & Ira Freeman


  1. I got up to have my breakfast but made the mistake of switching on my laptop and checking my emails. Hence my arrival in your Food Blog,Trish!
    Your Blog has made me so hungry that I have hardly time to write this comment............... Suffice it to say that you dine very well, it appears. I really wish that I lived within five minutes walk of Chicos as I would get exercise going there and feel I deserved the wonderful breakfast. Guess who!!


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