Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breakfast at Mart Cafe

Back to quite possibly one of Melbourne's best breakfast joints and I am greeted by the all-too-familiar queue of patrons waiting to be seated...

Mart (Tram spelt backwards) was actually an old tram stop now refurbished to house a quaint cafe that overlooks the park.

We arrived at 10:45am on a cold, Saturday morning and joined the queue of patrons sitting by the kerb, nursing their hot lattes' whilst waiting for a table. Just over half an hour later we were seated.

Free range poached eggs with smoked salmon, creme fraiche spinach and a cucumber, red onion, dill and caper salsa.

Free range poached eggs with chorizo sausage, kalamata olives in napoli and holaindaise.

Pancakes with maple syrup, grilled bacon and scrambled eggs

T2 English Breakfast Tea

The venue is open 7 days a week serving breakfast and lunch from 7:30am - 3:00pm. Find them at 107a Canterbury Rd, Middle Park. Tram 96 will take you to the door.

My favourite? Definitely the poached eggs with salmon, with the highlight being the fabulous salsa.
Least favourite - pancakes. We were warned not to order the pancakes, but do we listen? They were dry and heavy.
Would I go back? HELL YES!

Until the next belly adventure...
Good night x

P.S. I wish someone told us, but they only take cash - no credit/debit cards. However, there is an ATM just across the road.

"Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage.  Lettuce pray."  ~Author Unknown

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