Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chez Olivier

The agency that I work at had previously done some work with Olivier in the past and it made me curious about the self named 'Frozzie' (French-Aussie) Chef.

Bread starter

Les Escargots

Steak Frites

Cassoulet A La Jacky
(Traditional dish from the region of Toulouse with Olivier's duck confit - definitely the highlight!)

Ile Flottante
(First time I've ever had meringue that was poached - served on creme anglais - SO YUMMY!)

- T

"Escargot - Nobody is sure how this got started. Probably a couple of French master chefs were standing around one day, and they found a snail, and one of them said: 'I bet that if we called this something like "escargot," tourists would eat it.'  They had a hearty laugh, because 'escargot' is the French word for 'fat crawling bag of phlegm.'" ~Dave Berry

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